P_ssyhat Pin by Sophia203


9,52 € 19% VAT included | tax exemption for non EU residents

This pin is a symbol of support for equal human rights, exclusively available on Phylyda.com to support international women's day. All proceeds go to P_ssyhat Project and to Art Room Organisation in Bombay who works with education through art for women and children in Dharavi, Bombay. Buy yours in support!

Designer Sophia 203 hails from Stockholm, Sweden and started an embroidery workshop in Jaipur, India 5 years ago. Through her passion for embroidery, Sophia's workshop helps keep an important bit of textile history alive. She created the P_ssyhat Pins with her team to help in her own way to contribute to standing up for equality and human rights. As women and creatives, we support one another. Let’s all do the same!

Price includes one pin only.

Made in Jaipur, India


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