Behind the scenes
with Charlotte Kuhrt

Behind the scenes with our lovely friend, the model and influencer
Charlotte Kuhrt @beautynotsize. Charlotte is wearing our bikini top Cosima in orange
and the high-waist bottom Bea in orange with earrings by Nina Kastens.

Photography: Steven Kohlstock

You are one of the protagonists of our body positivity shoot with Steven Kohlstock in Berlin, what’s your takeaway from that experience, what made you decide to pose in swimwear next to other women? As I work as a curve model I’m already used to pose in front of other people, but this shoot was something special. All the women were giving each other compliments and there was no “checking each other out” but a lot of appreciation for each other.

How can we help young women grow up with less body image pressures? We need to show more diversity in the media and on social media. I’s so important to show young girls that not even the girls in the magazines look like the girls printed in the magazines, because of good lighting, makeup and photoshop. Young girls growing into their bodies need to learn that every body is beautiful and not only a certain standard is accepted, but to achieve this we need more women to be role models and stand up for self love.



Phylyda celebrates diversity & body positivity: What does your physical difference signify to you? What is beauty to you? I love being curvy and to be confident with the body I have. Beauty to me is embodied by a woman who shines from within herself. You don’t have to fit in a certain picture, a woman being herself is true beauty to me.

You are the successful blogger of @Beautynotsize, a model, a make-up artist and I must say a role model for thousands of women: can you tell us what moved you to start your blog and what challenges you are experiencing? Actually the frustration with the modelling industry which wants us to fit in a certain size and picture they have of a curvy woman made me start my blog. I wanted to show girls that it’s ok to be different from the image of a perfect woman society shows us. The biggest challenge for me was to understand that even for me it’s ok to not love myself all the time. And it’s challenging everyday to not compare yourself to other blogger girls and understand that being different will maybe not satisfy everyone.

So many women do not feel at ease because of the shatteringly unattainable beauty standards that are imposed on us. - How do you gather confidence, what makes you feel confident? Looking at everything I achieved so far makes me feel incredibly confident. To focus on everything that I am and not only my looks. But I also love to stand in front of the mirror and point out the things I love about myself and my body.

When and where do you feel most at ease in a swimsuit? If it’s a swimsuit that fits and hugs my curves the right way I can go anywhere with it! I love the beach though, the sea calms me down and makes me feel the most released from all negative thoughts.

You are an activist for body positivity: what piece of advice would you like to give to your sisters and female friends to help them surmount insecurities about their physique if you could only give one? Surround yourself with women you look up to! (virtually and in real life) Seeing women with my body type loving themselves made me change the way I look at myself.



Is there a woman who has made a difference in your life and what’s the story behind that? My mum made a huge difference, because she always wanted me to be skinnier and she supported me with every diet when I was younger. But when I changed my mind and decided to be ok with my body and I told her that I don’t care about her opinion, her whole mindset changed as well and she recently thanked me for making her think different and accepting her own flaws. Seeing her accepting that all women are beautiful just the way they are made me stronger and made me believe we can achieve something with making body positivity a thing to talk about.


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